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Who is John Franco?

John Franco

John Franco - Has always provided Codfuel.com as a FREE service. Codfuel.com is NOT a marketing company that decided to open a website business in the oil industry. I am an experienced veteran in the oil industry that is here to help our members. With Codfuel.com, you deal with real people who care, not just a computer with an automated web server from a marketing company.

Fuel Oil customers on Long Island, NY, Queens, Brooklyn, NYC, Bronx, Westchester and other States throughout the Country choose Codfuel.com for convenience, Safety and savings.

Why Choose CODFUEL.com?

Established in 2001, CODFUEL.com is the ORIGINAL fuel oil website designed EXCLUSIVELY for C.O.D consumers to get instant home heating oil prices. CODFUEL.com was designed by John Franco, a 35 + year veteran in the home heating oil industry. We are hard working people just like our customers, not a corporate giant. We are determined to make a difference by providing a choice for great oil prices, quality service and a safe shopping experience. . Now it's easier than ever to find the price of heating oil or oil burner service rates. Don't give out your credit card to every company you do business with. With Codfuel.com, NOBODY can see your credit card numbers, NOT even the Oil Company delivering your oil.

We are based in NY, on Long Island where the majority of homes are heated by oil. We deliver home heating oil to Nassau & Suffolk County on Long Island as well as Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Westchester and parts of PA and CT.

Our goal is to provide a fast, convenient and safe way to shop, order and schedule heating oil deliveries and oil burner repair service from the convenience of any computer connected to the Internet. CODFUEL.com is FREE for all consumers. You can choose your own oil price and select your own oil supplier. You can select the same supplier or change suppliers each time you order heating oil. You decide which is right for you. CODFUEL.com is the most convenient way to order home heating oil.

Who is CODFUEL.com?

We are the original pioneers that developed the online oil price comparison system. We are still the only Website that offers both real-time oil prices and real-time online ordering without waiting for a 3rd party oil dealer to contact you to get your credit card information or to schedule your delivery date. Also, we never charge a processing fee to use our Website.

CODFUEL.com was designed specifically for consumers who choose to purchase their heating oil from an oil Company of their choice, at their own convenience.

With recent home heating oil prices breaking record highs and spiking to averages over $3.00-$4.00 per gallon, it certainly makes lengthy oil commitments with a single fuel oil Company become obsolete. After all, oil prices fluctuate like gas prices. How many people sign a contract with their local gas station so they can only fill their vehicles gas tank at one station? How many people make a commitment with one specific airline or one hotel when they go on vacation?

How many of us would shop for other necessities such as electricity, natural gas, or water if we had a choice? The list goes on and on. People from all walks of life purchase everyday items for certain reasons. Some reasons may be convenience, availability, a referral from a friend or just plain old price. So why not purchase home heating oil in the same way? Certainly, price is not the only factor to consider when selecting a fuel oil Company, but it does play an essential role during times like this.

CODFUEL.com makes it easy to shop for heating oil prices, select a supplier and schedule an oil delivery right from your computer. It's so easy and convenient to use, that consumers from around the Country have been sending us e-mails and testimonials. We'd love to post your CODFUEL.com experience online. Please tell us your testimonial.

Taking a day off from work to wait for the oil truck to arrive is now a thing of the past. NEVER leave money under the doormat or in the BBQ again. Once you select a company that meets your needs, simply click to order and schedule your oil delivery. Your instant oil delivery confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address and the oil truck will arrive on the day you scheduled it for.

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