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Cesspool Pumping and Services. Find a cesspool company in Nassau or Suffolk County. Simialr to, you can use to shop for cesspool services, new cesspool installations, sewer and drain cleaning, plumbing and much more.


DJR Computing Services - Professional and Dependable Computer Repairs
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Virus Removal & Data Recovery Services
Computer Consulting Services
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Long Island Views
Last week, I ordered my first oil delivery of the season. My last delivery was back in March so I was due for a fill-up. As I have done, since discovering the site last winter, I ordered my heating oil through (read the story)

Long Island Exchange News


Homeowners seek savings via C.O.D Fuel Delivery
(Long Island, N.Y.) High heating oil prices are turning the mindsets of thousands of consumers while the tides turn on oil dealers who require long term oil contracts and commitments from their customers. More Long Islanders are ordering home heating oil on a “cash on delivery” (C.O.D) basis in an attempt to save money. (Read the story)