's frequently asked questions.
How much does the membership cost to use
$0. is FREE for all consumers. Simply register for your free account and order oil at your own convenience. There are never any commitments, contracts or processing fees.
Is Safe?
Yes, offers the safest methods to online or offline ordering. Not only is our website secure but's automated system eliminates the potential of individual employees, fuel oil dealers, delivery drivers or operators from viewing your credit card information. We also have a secure socket layer (SSL) and PCI Compliant Servers which is the highest level of safety.
What is C.O.D Fuel?
C.O.D fuel is simply purchasing heating oil on a delivery to delivery basis. You as the consumer can choose the fuel oil company of your choice and order at your own convenience. With today's high cost of living, most consumers are on a tighter budget than ever before. It makes economic sense to be in control of your own oil deliveries. You decide how many gallons to order and when you want it.
Why purchase C.O.D Heating Oil?
C.O.D fuel is the same principal as filling up your car at the gas station. Certainly, with all of the choices of gas stations out there, you wouldn't want to commit yourself to a long term contract with only one. Plus, when you go to the gas station, they don't force you to top off your tank. You simply stop the pump at your convenience or at a dollar amount that suits your budget at the time. (especially now where prices have exceeded $2.00-$4.00 per gallon.) C.O.D fuel gives you the same flexibility.
When I purchase oil on a "COD" basis am I getting inferior quality oil?
No. In fact, All fuel companies purchase their oil from the same places regardless of how large or small the company is. If you were to visit an oil terminal today where fuel companies purchase the oil, you would see a variety of different companies (large and small) waiting in line to load the same oil onto their truck.
How can I be sure that I received the proper amount of oil I ordered?
Every oil truck has a meter that prints out the amount of gallons delivered. These meters are locked and sealed by the County Dept. of Weights & Measures. Meters are inspected frequently and resealed annually.
I ordered more oil than the oil company delivered and I paid by credit card. How can I get my credit?
Your credit card is charged for the amount you order at the time you place your order. When your oil delivery is marked as completed by the oil company, you will only be charged for the amount of oil you received. The difference between the ordered amount and the actual amount delivered is refunded back to your card automatically. Once your order is posted as completed, your refund typically takes your card issuer approximately 5 business days to appear on your account. You DO NOT need to contact us, is designed to refund your card automatically.
I did not receive my confirmation email after placing an order. How can I be sure you received it?
If you did not receive your confirmation email, please check your junk mail or spam folder. If you still cannot find it, sign into your account and click on "My Orders". This will show you if your new order was placed and also your entire history of orders.
How can the "COD" companies charge so much less per gallon than the larger companies?
“COD" fuel prices are less expensive because they do not include a repair service contract or hidden finance charges for monthly billing cycles. Most large companies that offer “free” service contracts must factor in the costs for repair technicians, repair vehicles, truck fuel, burner parts and a myriad of other factors and then add them to the fuel price. Unfortunately, if you do not have burner problems of your own, your hard earned money is paying to have someone else’s burner repaired.
Do I need a service contract if I purchase "COD" fuel?
No. You do not need a service contract to purchase C.O.D fuel, but the choice is yours. Most "COD" companies have their own service dept. or work directly with a reliable service company that can offer you a service contract. Some consumers feel that a service contract can offer peace of mind, yet some consumers rather pay for service as needed just like their oil deliveries.
Does provide oil burner repair service?
Yes, if you need a repair or maintenance on your heating system, simply order a service call the same way you order fuel oil. Look through the dealer list and click on a red service call button or a green tune up button in their ad. A repair technician will arrive conveniently during the time frame you schedule it for. Service work is not performed by A separate oil burner repair company will contact you to confirm your scheduled appointment.
Is it true that C.O.D companies are not licensed or insured?
False, The oil industry is closely monitored by the state. All oil companies must be licensed and properly insured or they will not be able to load their trucks at the oil terminal. Also, the state performs a background check on all applicants prior to receiving a license to deliver oil.
How often should I service my oil burner?
You should have your heating system tuned up once a year by a professional. A properly serviced system can pay for the price of the tune-up over the course of the heating season in fuel savings and also help prevent untimely breakdowns or other major problems.
If I order a CASH delivery, can I pay with a money order, check or a check made payable to cash?
No, if you order a CASH delivery, it must be in the form of cash only. Debit cards are considered credit cards.
Do I need to be home for the oil delivery?
If you ordered oil via credit card, you do not need to be home for delivery. If you ordered a CASH delivery, you must be home to pay the driver in cash.
What if I need to cancel an oil delivery?
If you need to cancel your order, you must inform by using their contact form on the contact page. You MUST also contact the oil supplier separately (their phone number is on your e-mail confirmation). The supplier needs to know that you have cancelled your order so they can remove you from their delivery schedule. If your cancellation is not received in time before the oil delivery is made, you will be responsible for payment of the delivery. There is a $15 cancellation fee for all cancelled orders. Please view our complete cancellation policy under our terms & conditions here
I ordered oil but how do I know what time the delivery will arrive?
All oil deliveries are delivered on a route. If you need specific information regarding your order, please contact the oil supplier directly. Their phone number is on your delivery confirmation that was e-mailed to you. Most oil suppliers cannot pinpoint a time due to excessive volume. For the most convenience, please order with a credit card so you do not have to be home for delivery. Also, if you order from a participating dealer who provides email notifications, you can receive updates regarding delivery times or when the truck is on his way or finished with your delivery.
Why are there two different oil prices?
The top line of prices are the actual oil prices. Many of the oil dealers offer a discount when you pay in cash. The bottom set of prices represent the price per gallon after the cash discount. For the most convenience, we encourage you to order by credit card so you do not have to wait for the truck to arrive.

I placed an order and now I want to change the amount of gallons I ordered. Can this be done?

Sorry, our system is automated. Once the order is placed, we cannot edit the order. If you ordered by cash, you can ask the driver to deliver more or less depending on your needs, but credit card orders cannot be changed.

What happens if the price changes after I place an order?
When you order oil, the price is locked in at the time of the order. The oil dealer purchases the oil so they have it available for your delivery. If the price goes down after you order it, and your oil was already purchased in advance, the oil dealer will lose money. On the other hand, if the price goes up, they will still honor the lower price you ordered at.
What happens if the price goes down after I ordered?
The oil price does not change once you place your order. This is also true if the oil price goes up after you order. You will get the oil at the lower price you ordered at.
Please check this section first before contacting us. You will find answers to most of your questions here.