If you use a credit card ANYWHERE, make SURE the business You choose is
(online or offline)

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Codfuel.com is PCI Compliant


This is what your credit card numbers looks like to potential thieves trying to view your personal your information. Every credit card number entered on Codfuel.com is run through state of the art encryption software as you enter it. Once entered, it is deleted instantly after getting approval. It never gets stored into a database at all unless you want to save it for quick ordering. If you decide to save your credit profiles, simply select YES during the ordering process and your profile will be stored safely via our partnership with Authorize.net, one of America's leading payment gateways. This is just one of the many ways that Codfuel.com helps protect our Members from credit card fraud and identity theft. Please read further to see more ways how we help protect You.

Also, make sure you know who you are ordering from. Do not place an order from a Website that does not disclose the actual oil dealer who is delivering your oil BEFORE you order. Plus, make sure the Website you are ordering from is a "REAL" business and is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

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How are we SAFER than ordering over the phone or other Websites?

Codfuel.com provides the highest security available. Our security goes beyond just the heating oil industry. We maintain PCI Compliance which is REQUIRED by all Major Credit Card Banks for ALL businesses that accept credit cards both online or offline. This type of security goes far beyond a security seal (SSL) or a visible padlock on your Internet browser. Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards REQUIRE a website scan by a third party security company to scan their web server quarterly. CODFUEL.com has employed TWO third party scanning companies to scan our Website DAILY for over 75,613 known vulnerabilities.

By successfully passing these PCI scans, Codfuel.com is able to significantly improve the safety and protection
of your credit card and personal information.



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