Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most frequently asked questions.

Become a Dealer

What are the requirements to become a dealer?

Can I sell oil on and other websites too?

Cancellation Fees

I just placed an order and I cancelled it so I can place another order. Can you waive the cancellation fee?

How can I get a cancellation fee waived or refunded?

Why was I charged a cancellation fee when the oil company cancelled it and no me? 


Why was my order was cancelled by

Why is there a fee if I cancel my oil delivery?

How can I cancel an order for oil?

I ordered a cash delivery and now I want to pay by credit card. Will there be a cancellation fee even if I reorder?

I ordered a CASH oil delivery and I missed the driver and or confirmation call, is there a cancellation fee?

If I order a Cash delivery and need to cancel because I can no longer wait for the truck, is there a cancellation fee?

What if I entered an invalid email address on my account?

If I place an order and cancel it the same day, is there still a cancellation fee?

I placed an order for a CASH payment but I need oil sooner than the date I scheduled it for. Is there still a cancellation fee?

I was charged a cancellation fee because I ran out of oil and could not wait for my delivery, can this be waived?

I ordered oil with a credit card but now I want to pay the driver in cash. Is there still a cancellation fee?

I just placed an order but the promo code I used is not reflected on the order. Should I cancel it and reorder?

How can I cancel a service call order?

Credit Card

I have a question regarding charges on my credit card. How can I rectify it?

What credit cards do you accept on

I did not take as many gallons as I expected. (Example:) I pre-paid for 200 gallons but only needed 150. How and when will I get credit for the remainder?

Why do I need a payment profile?

How can I create a payment profile for my account?

I cancelled my oil delivery. Why was my credit card was still charged?

I already placed an order, how can I change the credit card I selected for this order?

I tried to place an order but my credit card is not going through. 

My card was charged but I didn't receive an order confirmation and it's not showing in my account either. Why?

I have a new credit card or expiration date since my last order. How can I change it in the Website?

Credit Card Disputes

I had an issue with my credit card and/or delivery. Should I call my bank to dispute the charges?

Delivery Pool

Why was my order was transferred to another dealer?

Email Issues

I am not receiving emails from What can I do?

Which email services work best with

Error Messages

I received an error message when placing my order. What should I do?


How much does the membership cost to use

What is C.O.D Fuel?

Is Safe?

I have a comment, complaint or testimonial about your service or a particular oil dealer. How can I express it?

Why purchase C.O.D Heating Oil?

How can the "COD" companies charge so much less per gallon than the larger companies?

Do I need a service contract if I purchase "COD" fuel?

Is it true that C.O.D companies are not licensed or insured?

When I purchase oil on a "COD" basis am I getting inferior quality oil?

How does price the oil?

Login Issues

I cannot login to my account. I am getting a message stating my email or password is incorrect.

My Account

I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?

How can I update my Password in my account?

How can I update my Name, E-mail address or Phone numbers in my account?

I replaced my oil tank and it's in a different location. How can I update this in my account?

How can I create a payment profile?

I moved to a new home, can I still use the same account?

I have more than one home, can I add all of my properties to my account?

How can I see my delivery and service history of previous orders?

Oil Deliveries

What is the price of heating oil today? What price per gallons will I pay for my oil?

I haven't received my oil delivery yet, how can I confirm that I am on the delivery schedule?

How come my oil delivery ticket from the driver has a different price than what was on my order?

How can I be sure that I received the proper amount of oil I ordered?

I did not receive my confirmation email after placing an order. How can I be sure you received it?

I received an oil delivery and my receipt shows the correct amount of oil I ordered but my tank gauge doesn't show the same.

I ordered oil but I need to change the delivery date. How can I change it?

What are the Quick Order buttons for?

Do I need to be home for the oil delivery?

What if I need to cancel an oil delivery?

I ordered oil but how do I know what time the delivery will arrive?

I placed an order for oil and now I want to change the amount of gallons I ordered. Can this be done?

Why are there two different oil prices?

I placed an order for oil by credit card and received a delivery confirmation but my oil was not delivered. Why?

What time can I expect my oil delivery?

What happens if the price changes after I place an order?

What happens if the price goes down after I ordered?

I placed an order for oil by credit card and received a delivery confirmation but my oil was not delivered. Why?


What do I do if I receive an error message while making a payment for an order?

If I order a CASH delivery, can I pay with a money order, check or a check made payable to cash?

If I select a CASH payment, can I use a debit card?

I placed an order to be paid in CASH, can I switch to a Credit Card Payment? 

Why was I charged and additional $25 for my delivery?

My tank took less gallons than what I ordered, why was my card charged again?

I placed an order to be paid by CREDIT CARD, can I switch to a CASH Payment? 

Price Bashes

What is a FLASH BASH?

Can I use a promo code or coupon for a Price Bash or Flash Bash?

I placed an order for delivery and now I see a price bash. How can I get that deal?

Promo Codes

How can I find promo codes?

I received a promo code via email but it is not working, what do I do?

I forgot to enter my promo code when I placed my order, can I still use it?

Can I use a Promo Code with a Price BASH?

Can I use more than one promo code on a single order?


I am expecting a refund. When will I receive it?

How can I get a REFUND for a cancellation fee?

I am expecting a refund. Can I have it sent to another credit card or a check by mail?

I ordered more oil than the oil company delivered and I paid by credit card. How can I get my credit?

Service Calls

Can I pay for my service call online?

When is the best time to tune up my heating system?

How often should I service my oil burner?

Does provide oil burner repair service?

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