Wireless Oil Tank Monitors 

Is Your Oil Company Spying on You to increase profits? Wireless oil tank monitors promise you to "Never Run Out of Oil Again". This may be possible (not 100% true) and most of them are fairly accurate but not down to the gallon like a truck's certified meter.
When tank monitors first came out, they were a convenient way for customers to monitor their own oil tank and use it as a gauge to order when they are running low on oil. DO NOT BUY a tank monitor if you think it's going to give you an exact amount of gallons at all times in your tank.

These types of monitors were designed for the oil company in mind, NOT the consumer. 
Do you want an oil company monitoring your oil tank via a WiFi oil tank monitor or LTE tank monitor so they can use it as a marketing tool for their own gain? This is NOT what C.O.D or "will call" customers need. 

Wireless Oil Tank Monitors

If you sign up with an oil company or purchase a monitor from an independent company, you are allowing them to track your fuel tank and usage. With a wireless oil tank monitor, you are not only increasing their profits, you are also reducing your chances to shop for the best price or you are limiting yourself to a single oil company. If you order heating oil on a C.O.D basis, then shopping the market is the most important reason for buying COD oil.
Oil companies can monitor your tank and schedule your oil delivery when it's convenient for them instead of what's best for your schedule.


Ordering Cash Oil or Credit Card via Codfuel.com or local newspapers has always been about customer choice and convenience; to order oil and have it delivered on your terms.

Wireless oil tank monitors are can help you monitor your oil tank but you will be part of their "sales funnel" to "lock" you into their company. NOW, tank monitor companies are getting in on the oil delivery game and steering you to their pre-selected dealers on their website. From my experience, C.O.D consumers do not want to be tracked and locked into a single oil company. If they wanted that, they could sign a contract with a full service provider at a higher price. These monitors remove the ability for consumers to shop and compare oil prices.


For example: Let's say your oil tank is down to 1/4, but you are not ready to order oil at the moment. You want to shop around for the best company or the lowest oil price, plus you need to make sure your tank will be able to fit a 200 gallon delivery so you get the best price. You may want to wait another week or so before ordering. You also want to check oil prices from various other dealers on Codfuel.com or your local newspaper. In addition, you want to see if there are any coupons available.

This is why we buy oil on the C.O.D market; we want the best deal we can and choose the oil dealer that fits into OUR schedule. By utilizing a wireless oil tank monitor with dealer tracking, you eliminate consumer choice and have a single company texting you and pressuring you to order oil on their terms. it defeats the purpose of buying COD oil. 


Nothing is more accurate and "private" than sticking your tank and using the heating oil tank chart below to see how much oil you have. Wireless tank monitors are NOT 100% accurate. Please use it only as a device to give you an approximate amount of oil in your tank.

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Oil tank monitors and oil tank chart

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