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Do we really need another mobile app to check? Technology is a good thing, but some things need to be left alone. Having an oil company look into your oil tank via a WiFi oil tank monitor and send you text messages and emails for the sole purpose of selling you oil at their convenience may be a bit intrusive. These new wireless LTE tank monitors are marketing tools designed for one sole purpose; and that purpose is NOT to help an unsuspecting customer from running out of oil. It was designed to increase profitability for the oil company.

Wireless Oil Tank Monitors

How does a oil tank monitor increase profits for an oil company? The oil company can monitor your tank and schedule your oil delivery when it's convenient for them. By delivering on days that are more convenient than the oil company, they can save money. In addition, they want to sell as many gallons as possible, so ordering small amounts such as 25, 50 or 75 gallons may be a burden on their delivery system. 

Ordering oil on a C.O.D basis has always been about customer choice and convenience; to order oil and have it delivered on your terms.

I'm not saying these wireless oil tank monitors are all bad, but from my experience, C.O.D consumers do not want to be tracked and locked into a single oil company. If they wanted that, they could sign a contract with a full service provider at a higher price. These monitors remove the ability for consumers to shop and compare oil prices.


For example: Let's say you have a 1/4 tank of oil, but you are not ready to order oil now. You want to make sure you get the full 200 gallon price break, so you wait a little longer before ordering. You also want to check oil prices from various other dealers on Codfuel.com or your local newspaper. In addition, you want to see if there are any promo codes or coupons available. This is why we buy oil on the C.O.D market; we want the best deal we can and choose the oil dealer that fits into our schedule. By utilizing an LTE tank monitor where a single company is texting you and pressuring you to order oil on their terms, it defeats the purpose of buying COD oil. You are half way to a full service provider with automatic delivery with those wireless oil tank monitors. And we all know what that does to the price of oil.

Nothing is more accurate and "private" than sticking your tank and using the heating oil tank chart below to see how much oil you have.

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Oil tank monitors and oil tank chart

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