Smart Oil Gauge | WiFi Heating Oil Tank Gauge
C.O.D Fuel Oil Consumers, This Was Designed For YOU!

There are many fuel level monitors on the market today. Most of them use ultrasonic technology to monitor the oil level in your tank. It can be confusing for a consumer to select the proper oil tank monitor for their needs. If you order C.O.D oil then you like to be in control of your oil deliveries and the convenience of having it delivered on your terms. This will narrow it down for you. Most ultrasonic oil tank monitors like Wesroc or Gremlim are good for consumers who prefer to deal with a single oil company and rather not shop around for a better price. They were designed to increase profits for the oil company. These products also come with a monthy monitoring fee. In many cases, the oil dealer will pay the monitoring fees in exchange for a commitment to buy their oil.

What's So Different About The SMART Oil Gauge?
Don't Get LOCKED in to your Oil Company
Don't PAY for oil tank monitoring

Remotely monitor your home heating oil tank for FREE with your smartphone WITHOUT being tracked by your oil company. The Smart Oil Gauge was designed for C.O.D Fuel customers. Just like, YOU are in control of your oil deliveries. Other oil tank monitors give the oil company the ability to track your oil level so they can solicit you to order their oil at their convenience. This was designed to aid customers so they "never run out of oil" and NOT as a marketing tool for oil companies.
 Smart Oil Gauge are easy to install
With the Smart Oil Gauge, you can get text and email alerts when you need to reorder oil. You can also set up optional email addresses for anyone in your family to get alerts. You can also monitor an oil tank in a rental home or if you have elderly parents in another home. The possibilites are endless, but the choice is always yours.

What Else Can I Do With This Oil Tank Monitor?WiFi Smart Oil Gauge - Heating Oil Gauge

  • Receive text and email alerts in advance when your tank is running low
  • Check your oil tank level from your phone, computer or tablet from anywhere in the world
  • Continue using to save money on oil without locking into one oil company
  • Maintan your privacy by NOT allowing an oil company to track your fuel usage
  • If you have Amazon's Alexa, simply ask: "Alexa, how much oil do I have"

See How the SMART Oil Gauge Works
It works on Indoor and outdoor 275 and 330 oil tanks and ROTH tanks too!

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