Dear Members,

OPTIMUM is Blocking our emails to Your inbox. has every email validation necessary to send secure and spam free email. We have all of the required security certificates, SPF and Dmarc records and much more. Despite all of this, Optimum is rejecting our emails to you.
This is NOT just happening to us, they are blocking emails from many businesses and even personal emails too.


This has NO Affect on placing an order signing into your account, but you may not receive your email confirmation due to Optimum blocking our email to you. You can still see your order in your account so you know it was processed, plus you can also get a text alert when your order is received by entering your cell number on the order form when checking out.

Optimum Online
1. Sign in to your Optimum account.
2. Scroll down and look on the right side of the page for a "SPAM SCRUB" link.
3. Click "SPAM SCRUB" and turn it OFF.

Once Spam Scrub is turned OFF, you should start receiving our emails again. This is important because they are not just blocking some emails. They are rejecting your order confirmations, password reset emails and all important messages. Most of our members know that we do not send spam mail. In fact, we hardly send mail at all outside of order confirmations unless they can help you save money when oil prices are going higher.

Please Note: In addition, it may help if you add our email address ( to your contact list.

Thank you,
John Franco

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