Upload your house photo is optional but when you do, you can get Get LIVE E-mail updates for your oil deliveries with select dealers.

Why Should I Upload a Photo of My House?

Codfuel.com is all about security, accuracy, safety and customer satisfaction.
Having a photo of your house ensures that our drivers deliver to your home quickly, accurately and safely.


How Can I Upload My House Photo?

It's super easy to upload your home photo. Follow these easy steps"

1. Sign into your account
2. Click the orange "Properties" button
3. Click "Update" next the your property address.
4. Click the gray "Choose File" button and select a photo of your house from your computer or phone
5. C
lick "Upload". That's it, your image will appear in your account

Upload a photo or your house to ensure proper fuel oil delivery


1. TYPO'S: Mistakes can happen to anyone. Sometimes we are in a rush and entering your delivery address can result in a typo. If you enter the wrong address by mistake, our drivers will be able to spot it by matching up your house picture to the house they are delivering too.

2. LIVE Delivery Alerts: When you upload your house photo, it is tied into the delivery status features of Codfuel.com, so participating dealers can send you email notifications when the driver is on his way, or when your delivery is completed. They can also send updates on delays or even morning or afternoon time windows.

3. Environmental Hazards: Every year all across the U.S., drivers make wrong deliveries. They deliver to the wrong house or even worse, they deliver to a house who reloacted their oil tank without removing the fill pipe. This results in a huge environmental clean up and disater. These mistakes can be avoided by allowing the driver to match your picture to the house he is delivering too.

4. Late Deliveries: There are many times where the oil truck arrives after dark. In winter, it gets dark earlier and it can be difficult for drivers to read house numbers. During holidays when lights are on the home, it makes it even more difficult. If the driver has your photo, he can easily find your house and deliver your oil without delaying it for another day.

Please help us serve you better. Upload your photo today!

Thank You!

Please Note: This is for Codfuel.com and it's oil dealers only. Your photo will NOT be displayed to the public.




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